A world view is the foundational belief system upon which one’s entire understanding of the “big picture” of all existence, and the more immediate “small picture” one’s personal existence, is based.

A. It is the answer to “why” things happen, exist (or don’t exist)

B. It answers “where” things come from and “where” they go

C. It is the motivation for one to act and not act

D. It is the motivation for one to believe and not believe

E. It is the underlying reason for emotional response: i.e. fear, peace, etc.

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What is Your World View and How Do You Determine It?:

EVERYONE has a world view, but not everyone is aware of the one they hold. We all operate by a set of governing rules that we believe at our deepest core to be the “best” set for us. Some of us might claim to be pacifists in our praxeology yet when we are wronged, the first thing we seek to do is “fight” (either verbally, psychologically, or physically) to defend our position or worse, to “even” the score. This would demonstrate that we “think” we’re pacifists but our actions i.e. where the “rubber hits the road” would demonstrate that we more “passive aggressive” than “pacifist”. Because we might have conflicting ideas about what our worldview might be, I’ve begun to construct a list below of categories and subclasses that I would like someday to transform into a “worldview test”

Philosophy: Philos (loving) Sophia (wisdom/knowledge)

• Prov 4:5-7 Get wisdom (Chokmah)! Get understanding (biynah)! Do not forget, nor turn away from the words of my mouth. Do not forsake her, and she will preserve you; Love “ ‘ahab” (philos) her, and she will keep you. Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding.

We are all philosophers, old and young, its just a matter of what our “personal philosophy” is. That is to say our “worldview”. We are a reasoning and thinking species. It is this very ability to “reason” that secular scientists and thinkers feel, separates us from the animals.

We are complex and unique creatures and our view of the world can be equally complex and unique as well. Although there are 8 basic, but universal philosophical disciplines which provide a framework for a person’s worldview, many of philosophies of one particular category may overlap into a category of another. i.e. Postmodernism is both a methodological and an epistemological approach to one’s view of the world.

I really wanted a “pie chart” which comprised the 8 major “slices” of a person’s world view and the most well known positions held within that category. That pie chart didn’t exist. So I created one and listed those 8 major categories within with many (not all) of the philosophical approaches, traditions, and disciplines as they apply to that component of one’s overall world view – enjoy your pie!

Types of World Views Chart