I am a former Charismatic and I spent 4 years at a church that was part of the Word-Faith Charismatic cult a la Benny Hinn and then drifted from Word Faith to New Apostolic Reformation Charismatic cultism. We would have false prophets and teachers, along with self-proclaimed “Apostles” come in with every crazy wind of non-Biblical doctrine you could imagine.

It was only the research I conducted into the history of Pentecostalism, personal disappointment and confusion, along with strong Biblical teaching that destroyed that paradigm of delusion. I have since found videos on youtube of many of the NAR false teachers we sat under (Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker, Rick Joyner, Randy Clark, Kris Vallotton, etc).

One memory I had was when Kris Vallotton (rhymes with “rotten”) came to our “church” and regaled us with a tale where Michael the Archangel appeared to Kris and stood over his bed staring at him angrily. Michael, according to Kris, looked like an angry Indian with grey wrestling tights which he confirmed with the false prophet Bob Jones.

A video of the re-telling of this same bizarre apparition can be found on youtube here:

There is yet another bizarre video of this false teacher false prophet guy posted on youtube so I decided to mark this guy and warn other Christians to be aware of him and apparently I raised the ire of one of the NAR Charismatic cultists with my comment. A delightful exchange ensued so I thought I would post it here to raise awareness of this weird signs and wonders cult from Bethel Church in Redding, CA.

My original post (Truth F. Saints):

Out of the fire into the frying pan. beware this false prophet jr. wannabe Bill Johnson major false prophet.

NAR Charismatic Cultist:
+Truth F. Saints Can you define what a false prophet is? And is it loving to call him out in public?

NAR Charismatic Cultist: Yes – a false prophet is someone who prophesies “in the Name of the Lord” and the thing does not come to pass. The Lord says in His Word – “Do not be afraid of him for I did not send him”. A false prophet is someone who speaks according to the voices in his head and not according to the Word of God. A false prophet is someone who, either by self-delusion or for profit, tries to convince others of his “dreams and visions” which are contrary to the word of God. In this case, we have the false jr. prophet Kris Vallatton trying to convince simple-minded followers of the false emotional experiential mystical Montanist god of feeling that Michael the Archangel is an angry Indian wrestler in grey tights that has nothing better to do than stand over Kris Vallatton’s bed and stare at him angrily all night. False. Is it “love” to call this out? Yes, I don’t call them out for my own sake. I don’t call them out because I gain anything from it. I call them out to “mark” them and warn others about their false prophecies, false god of feeling, and false gospel so that a genuine yet immature Christian might not fall into their snare. Yes its loving, very much so.

NAR Charismatic Cultist:

So: said that I get a picuture for you and I believed it was the lord, I share it with you but it doesn’t happen. Does that make me a false prophet? I believe it is possible to hear wrong. We are humans and can hear wrong. As for the picture of Michael, I’m in no position to cal him out and say it is wrong since I didn’t see what he saw. Is michael indian looking? I don’t know. Do you know? As off Kris heart motive: As far as I’ve seen, he does not prophesy for his own gain. But hey! This is how I view it. I’m just a little sceptic to people calling others out in public. Thanks for explaining 🙂 Blessings 😉


Yes – that would be a false prophecy and yes we are human – but the Lord is not. So when He speaks – he is correct 100% of the time. No Prophet of the Old Testament nor any Apostle in the New Testament was “wrong sometimes” and wrote it off as “being human”. I agree with you that people can “hear wrong” they do on a regular basis and that is why they are called “false prophets”. Many of these contend that they are speaking “under the anointing of the Holy Spirit” while prophesying a full-on lie! Here are a few of the most prominent false prophets to be aware of: Bill Johnson, Randy Clarke, Rick Joyner, Dutch Sheets, Heidi Baker, Mike Bickle, Kim Clement, Bill Hamon, Cindy Jacobs, Patricia King, and yes this Kris Vallotton wacko with his false apparitions (which probably didn’t happen outside of his bizarre imagination). All of these followers of a false god, false christ, false gospel need to be called out publicly. Motive is a secondary concern to the false doctrine, false prophecy, witchcraft gospel that these guys preach. I find it interesting that you decide to defend the “Michael ” vision in the way you did. I take it that you don’t read the Bible much, am I correct in that? Because if you did, you would realize that this is a complete nonsensical claim regarding one of the chief angels of the true Holy God. Your response is a thinly veiled attempt at lending credibility to a deeply deluded person seeking to deceive others and I would say to you, lay down this false god of yours and embrace the God of the Bible according to the truth He reveals about Himself in His Word: 1. We are sinners desperately lost 2. Jesus of the Bible (not the Bill Johnson version) suffered and died on the cross for our sins and was resurrected on the third day so that 3. Those that believe on HIM (not the Kris Vallotton Buddy Christ version) repent of their sinful life (changed mind about following a false god of feeling and false demonic experience) and trust in, cling to, the real Jesus are save by His goodness, His grace, and His mercy. Then daily, we die to self and live for Christ as He guides us in His word – not running around like witches and warlocks looking for a supernatural experience that is fully apart from truth and often times in direct contradiction to it.

NAR Charismatic Cultist:
+Truth F. Saints Well… Actually Paul prophesies that if they were to sail to rome, they would drown on the way there. That makes him a false prophet cause he did survive the ship wreck. There is a difference between getting the word right and prophesying with the intent of earning profits (no pun intended). The second case is worse in my eyes.

Truth F. Saints
(TO NAR Cultist) I really want you to step back and recognize what you are doing. You are making the same argument that Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses make when trying to distract from the false prophecies of their false prophets. They, like you, consider themselves “true” Christians yet they, like you, cast aspersions on the true prophets of the Bible in order to justify their own false prophets – for them it is Joseph Smith and the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, for you it is the false prophets Bill Johnson and those of the New Apostolic Reformation. Here is my answer to your Acts 27 contention:
Did the Apostle Paul have a false prophecy in Acts 27? Not at all – He ‘perceived’ great loss of goods and life which was well on its way to fulfillment but for the verse where the angel appeared to Paul and revealed that God had “granted him all lives” but ship and cargo would be lost. Paul first prophecy was fully correct and yet as a result of God’s kindness and intervening grace – the original ‘perception’ of Paul was only partially carried out while the prophecy that followed by the angel told him of God’s change to Paul’s original perception in that all ‘lives’ would be saved and this was carried out to a tee. This is FAR from a false prophecy – The Mormons, Jehovah’s Witness, and now the New Apostolic Cultists are now doing anything to avoid humbling themselves to God’s word and receiving him by faith and not by sight (false.signs and wonders)

I would further say – when the false prophets of the NAR cult make a false prophecy – does God step in mid-stream and give them a change to the word in the midst of the fulfilling moment so that His word remains true each and every time He gives it? No God doesn’t nor does the false god of the Bethel cult. In fact, the false god of the Bethel cult actually prophesies that a leader is going to INCREASE in influence and power while that leader is in the midst of a sinful adulteress relationship, only to see that false leader’s influence and ministry disappear practically over night. And THEN justify him and their own false prophecies out of embarrassment. Who am I talking about? False healer Todd Bentley, and all the false prophets surrounding him: Bill Johnson, Che Ahn, Rick Joyner, C Peter Wagner, John Arnott etc etc etc. And instead of questioning these falsehoods – you attack the Apostle Paul by accusing him (and the REAL Holy Spirit) of a false prophecy.
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