A short while ago I was caught up in a whirlwind discussion with a minion of a false teacher named Rob Bell. I would have to say that Bell has pretty much run the gamut of waxing and waning in influence and popularity and now, has pretty much peaked and is fading into the woodwork of liberal false-Christianity. But for a season, his “Love Wins” book, which trots out old John Shelby Spong drivel about how the Bible can’t be trusted, there is no hell, no need of repentence, and no use at all for the cross of Jesus, was all the rage with unlearned and semi-committed Christians.

John Shelby Spong – Purveyor of Liberal False Christianity

Now, understand something, he doesn’t use the wording I used above verbatim but, like Spong, Bell clearly communicates in his little sit-in discussions with homosexuals on Sunset Blvd. and in his repackaging of liberal Universalism in his books, that hell is all the “difficulty” that you suffer today in your life and therefore when you die you have no further expectation of a ‘hell’ of any kind as Jesus died for all sins whether you trust in Him as He says to do or not.

Bell goes on to state that the hell mentioned in the Bible is merely a garbage dump named “Gehenna” – liberal trash. If Gehenna was a garbage dump, someone should have shared this with Jesus as according to Him, the One and Only Son of Almighty God, Gehenna is where unrepentant unbelievers “will” find: “gnashing of teeth, wailing, the fire is never quenched, and the worm dies not”. Somehow, I get the distinct impression that Jesus was giving us an understanding of what hell is really like and not a flowery description of a Jerusalem garbage dump like Bell asserts.

It is the utter and complete absence of God, and, since the Bible clearly states that all “good” things e.g. companionship, joy, laughter, happiness, rest, peace, satisfaction, pleasure, etc are all gifts from the “Father of Lights”, we can be assured that if the Father of Lights has completely removed Himself from this place called Hell, we can expect that all of those things will be removed as well. Just as when light leaves a room in entirety there is complete and utter darkness, when good removes Himself from a place there is only misery left in that place.

I agree that it would be easier to believe that “love” means “winking” at, and utterly ignoring all egregious disdain and hateful scorning of the true God of Scripture: a disdain which is demonstrated by a refusal to embrace Him as HE reveals Himself in Scripture. If I believed in this fake type of “anything goes” love then many of my loved ones and friends would all be guaranteed to be there. But this isn’t what ‘love’ is. God cannot divorce his love from his righteousness and His righteousness from His justice. But I assure you that all three were satisfied by one person in one event: Jesus on the cross.

Muslims reject Him, Hindus reject Him, Buddhists reject Him, Mormons reject Him, Bill Johnson Rick Joyner false signs and wonders charismatics reject Him, and Rob Bell’s liberal false-Christians reject him. In each of the groups I’ve mentioned above, there is a variation and subsequent “new” revelation which attempts to hijack bits and pieces of the real God and then “reinterpret” and completely reinvent Him into a frame of reference that all of the above are comfortable with.i.e. They fashion a god that is altogether like them.

Muhammad Jihad
Historic violence and bloodshed in the Quran and of Islam.

Is the God of the Bible one that hates Jews and Christians and declares in his Quran that they are “unbelievers” and therefore justifiably killed in a ‘jihad’ as Allah of the Muslims declares? No. YHWH of the Bible tells us to “love our enemies” and “pray for those that persecute us”. We cannot work our way to the God of the Bible, He worked for us in sending His Son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. But Muslims reject this loving, giving God and instead embrace the angry, vengeful, and demanding Allah as taught to them originally by Muhammad.


Vishnu False god
Vishnu: just  1 of 33 million gods in Hinduism

Is the God of the Bible a destroyer like Shiva or an 8 armed blue woman murderer like Kali, or an elephant headed man like Vishnu of the Hindus? No. He is not a “created” being trapped within the Brahman framework of the universe. The God of the Bible created all the universe with the words of His mouth. God actually rebukes mankind in His word when he says in Psalms 50:21 , “These things hast thou done, and I kept silence; thou thoughtest that I was altogether such an one as thyself: but I will reprove thee, and set them in order before thine eyes” But the Hindus utterly reject this true God who is transcendant above and beyond His creation and not the “sum of its parts”, and instead turn to worship the created things as the Apostle Paul points out in the book of Romans.


Or is the God of Biblical Christianity

Siddhartha Guatama Buddha
Siddhartha Guatama – worshipped and followed as Buddha

a series of lessons on how to avoid desire and suffering given by an enlightened guru to whom incense is burned like the Buddha? No.The God of the Bible isn’t interested in giving us self-help speeches which seem to have an unhealthy obsession with “avoiding suffering”. He is a kind, good, benevolent giver of truth and life and the very sustainer of the universe. But Buddhists reject this God and instead, embrace the teachings of the dead Siddhartha Guatama (Buddha)


Joseph Smith laid the foundation for an LDS phrase which follows later: “As man is god once was as god is man may become.”

Is God of the Bible a former baby born on a planet near the star named Kolob, and did He grow into a man and then progress into God of THIS world among countless gods of other worlds as the Mormons believe? No. He is not a “man” as He declares repeatedly in His Word. He did not progress out of “man”hood into godhood – He is the eternal and unchanging Creator of heaven and earth and all the stars INCLUDING THE STAR KOLOB if such a one existed. However, the Mormons reject this God as they feel He only offers them exalted manhood and they prefer the false Kolob god of Joseph Smith who offers them “godhood” – the same offer that satan offered Eve in the garden.

Cult of Bethel Church False Teacher Bill Johnson
Bethel Church: Site of a Northern Californian cult whereby a god of emotion, feeling, and Hindu jerking and convulsion exists.


Is the true Christian God one that instructs you and I to “obey, follow, and trust in our emotions” and “discern his voice by what ‘feels’ right as it whispers in our fallen mind”? Or is He a blue genie with a mischievous disposition and silly sense of humor like the god of Jenn Johnson, Bill Johnson’s daughter? Or is the God of the Bible a liar when He says that Scripture is sufficient and REALLY meant to say that prophets can be wrong 80% of the time, people should jerk and shake as though possessed of demons like those in Hinduism? And desperately seek after “signs and wonders” in order to ‘really know’ Him “outside of” and “in addition to” Scripture!?

No, our God tells us that His word is complete and completely trustworthy that we may be complete. He tells us that a wicked and perverse generation seeks a “sign”. However, this God of the Bible is completely rejected by Bill Johnson, Rick Joyner, C Peter Wagner, and the other false prophets of the Not-so-“NEW” Not-so “Apostolic” Not-so-reforming “Reformation”. In fact, this group actually accuses those that try to reach them with the truth of God’s word, as being “religious spirits” and “pharisees” who don’t practice “love”…i.e. the Rob Bell kind of love which is all mush mush emotion and feely good feelies while caring nothing about helping people be delivered from the bondage of sin and into the Kingdom of light. This group preaches nothing of sound Biblical understanding and doctrines which declare sin to be sin, and repentance of that sin necessary, or embracing the Resurrected Lord and his call to “die to self, take up your cross, and follow ME”.

Rob Bell: False Teacher False Christianity

Finally, is the God of the Bible one that would lie in saying that we are saved by grace through FAITH IN HIM when in reality we need no faith in Him at all as the Spong/Bell liberal false-Christians believe? Did this same Spong/Bell god give us His perfect word, affirm its sufficiency, then cause it to be filled with errors that only the enlightened liberal false-Christians can sort out for us (for a book fee of course $$$)? No…the God of the Bible is truth incarnate and does not lie and if a man or woman lives their life with a desire to be separate from the true God and instead embrace the liberal Universalist god (whose Bible can’t be trusted) then the loving God of the Bible gives them their lifelong wish – complete and total separation from Him – and he gives this to them for eternity. But Rob Bell, like Shelby Spong, rejects this God and instead have embraced a god that they like better. But their god cannot save.

Here ends part 1, where we first covered the idea of hell and contrasted different beliefs with true belief and the consequences of rejecting one over the other. In our next installment of Rob Bell False Teacher False Christianity, I will go deeper into the claims of one of his minions who sought to indoctrinate an entire youth group in Preston UK before running out of town to more Bell-friendlier pastures in America.