Have Miracles Ever Occurred?”

It is quite rational to embrace and defend the existence of the “miraculous”. The very existence of God Himself is supernatural, i.e. ‘above’ or ‘outside’ the natural. This would limit the number of those who deny the existence of miracles to only the most staunch of atheists. Agnostics and liberal “Christians” would be forced to deny the existence of a ‘miraculous’ God in order to deny the existence of miracles themselves. It is quite reasonable to assume that a God who is himself a miracle and a “wonder” would by His very manner and nature, engage in miraculous or “supernatural” behavior. This is rational when the examination of miracles really involves a proper definition whereby one law supersedes another, namely the law of God-like behaviour outranks the law of natural behaviour. An example of this would be enabling the buoyancy of a human and the supporting buoyancy of water to permit that human to balance upright and engage in motion atop the water level . i.e. to “walk” on water.

Atheists like to use the phrase, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. This phrase seems to suit the atheist well when he is the one defining what “extraordinary” is. But if a theist was to assert that the atheist’s proposition that in all the universe on all the planets among all things and beings seen and unseen that there was nothing among all of them that was or could be categorized as “god” – was an even more extraordinary claim than the theist claiming that God did exist, then the burden of proof could be placed on the atheist to provide “extraordinary evidence” that a God does not exist. This flawed argument of claim vs evidence is used to discount the existence of miracles and the ‘super’ natural altogether when in reality it is just a matter of defining “extraordinary” which in the case of miracles is as ordinary as many of the claims of the skeptic.


Has God Communicated With Mankind?

There is more than a distinct possibility, rather a strong probability that God has communicated with mankind (male and female). Within each of us is an overwhelming passion to know and embrace a deity of some sort. For the Hindu, it may be 1 of 30 million gods and goddesses, for the Muslim it may be the god, Allah, invented by Mohammad, or for the Buddhist, they may disobey Siddhartha Gauthama (The Buddha) himself and offer worship to him, or for the Christian it is the God of the Bible, the God of all creation Jesus Christ. Even within atheists there is such rabid emotions of anger and frustration attached to their notion that “God is just a Santa Claus” that within them is an attachment to the constant nagging notion that God actually exists! Otherwise why be so angry about a bunch of people believing in a Santa Claus!? Do they ridicule their own or other children to be opposed to a belief in the existence of Santa Claus? Of course not! In fact, they often times embrace this belief in the lives of their kids. But they cannot fathom or stomach the idea that someone else holds fast to the correct belief in the existence of a Creator-God. This they try to stamp out. There is constant communication with all men through creation and through their own conscience that He, God, exists.

So for the animist, some Buddhists, the Muslim, the Jew, and the Hindu, these all have the same communication resulting in a drive, albeit wrongly placed, to know and embrace deity in some way, shape, or form which shows that within each man is a built-in device pulling and drawing them to know God Almighty. For the Bible-believing Christian, we adhere to the reliability, sufficiency, and inspiration of the Scriptures which provides constant and direct communication to all of God’s creation. First, to the unbeliever, that we are all desperately lost in disobedience, defiance, and deception toward the God of the Bible and opt instead for the delusion that He does not exist OR for a god of our own mind because we simply find Him…unacceptable. This rejection of the King of Glory ultimately results in the eternal separation from Him – which is nothing more than our heart’s wish for our entire lives. This separation is the absolute and complete removal of any and all things that have anything whatsoever to do with God Himself: all things good – comfort, satisfaction, peace, rest – all lost forever as they are/were products of Him! This eternal separation is communicated to us in the Bible as Hell. God the Father sent His Son to die for this disobedience, defiance, and deception of ours so that as John 1:12 says, “For as many as believed Him (Jesus) to them He gave the right to be called sons and daughters of God, to those who trust in His (Jesus) name” So we see that God communicates the solution for the unbeliever.

For the beliver God communicates that His word – The Scriptures – The Bible is sufficient and “necessary for doctrine (correct doctrine), reproof, correction, and training in righteousness that the man of God may be complete for every good work”. Believers do not need the mysticism of the Hindus where there are visions and whispering guiding us around by our nose into greater deception, we do not need the myriad of constant man-made hierarchy supposedly acting as “intercessors” between us and Almighty God – like the Roman Catholics do. We do not need to pray 5 times toward Mecca, go on mandatory pilgrimmages, or execute “infidels” in a jihad, as the Muslims do. We don’t need to work our way to God Almighty – He has, through His Son Jesus completed the work so that you and I can have eternal life and joy in Him if we are honest about our sin, humble in crying out, and repenting of our former dead fleshly behavior clinging to His finished work on the cross for our sake we can KNOW that we have eternal life in Him. Why? Because He HAS communicated it in His word and through His Word.

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